Which One to choose?

Have you ever been in a situation where you are at a crossroad and you don’t know which door to choose? Or maybe you choose not to enter any door or open new ones because you’re so used to the one you’re in, despite the fact it doesn’t make you happy, despite the fact you know you can do better than where you are now?

Yes we’ve all been in a situation like that. Where there are two or three paths ahead and not knowing which one to take? Is it right? Is that one right? The thing is there is no right or wrong path. It is only a learning that we take away no matter which path we take. One may be a huge success in life and career, another no so but that is not a failure but only learning what NOT to do next time. Although saying that it’s hard to not have our egos take a beating and feel like a failure. Ahh but that’s the whole point there, once you go down that route it’s hard to climb out of that big black hole. Ok so life is not easy, life is not meant to be easy but life is about learning. Learn how to progress in your life, learn how to excell and be a better version of you and be the best in what you do. With every one that does not work out, find out what you have missed, then find another way to get there.

So, what is stopping you from opening that new door? Is it fear? Is it a limiting belief? Do you feel confident? Do you think you’re good enough?

Many of us fail to see what a tremendous potential each and every one of us have. We live comfortably in our own limiting way, whether we are happy or not, we put ourselves in that situation, no one else but us. So what if I told you that you don’t have to limit yourself to a particular behaviour, thought? What if I told you that how we live is only a perception of our model of the world? What if I told you that your perception will change once you see the whole picture?

NLP is about accessing that part of the mind, the unconcious we call it, to give us choices, paths and instead of walking around in confusion or not taking any steps, it allows us to decide the best route. It helps to lift our thoughts, emotions from a negative state into a positive state. For you see, when something ‘bad’ happens in your life, you store it away without even noticing about it, then it starts to fester, and fester and soon, it manifest into anger, resentment and you will not remember how it started. So letting negative emotion fester will also affect your health in ways that you may not even realize. How would you like to let go of all your anger, resentment, guilt and be free of it?

If you have read thus far, then something in you is telling you that you are ready to take a step forward.

Welcome to your journey forward.

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