What is Hypnosis?

There has been a misconception on what hypnosis is about. It is the media that has put a negative spin on hypnosis / hypnotherapy. 

We go into a state of hypnotic trance at least twice a day. It is something that we already know how to do naturally. When you read a book, when you shower or when you’re driving home, you don’t think about the route home, you just know the route home, that is a state of trance. You are still aware of your surroundings and still able to get home without having thinking about the route.

So what is hypnosis? Hypnosis is a highly focused state of mind – also known as an altered state of consciousness – whereby the unconscious mind is free to act without interference from regular consciousness. It is the state of relaxation.

Hypnosis gives you access to the unconscious mind. Under the guidance of hypnotherapist, you reach deeper into the unconscious mind to uncover the solutions you need.

So to explain further, the brain is divided into two parts; the conscious mind and the unconscious mind or some say subconscious mind. The conscious mind is your thoughts, is you reading this right now, it’s being wide awake and been aware of what is going on.

So why access the unconscious / subconscious  mind? Our behaviour, thoughts, reactions are dictated by our unconscious mind. It’s what we’ve been programmed through the years. And it is our unconscious mind that we need to access and de-sensitize the negative emotions of the programming.  How does the unconscious mind store a  program? If you see an incident and the outcome is X, and it’s repeated over and over again with the same outcome of X, your unconscious mind forms a program. So when you see that similar incident again, the program will then communicate with your conscious mind and you will get the outcome of X.

Think of an iceberg. Part of it is above the water line and the rest is below the water line. Only a little part is above the water (that represent your conscious mind), when you look further below the water line, the rest of the iceberg is huge, and big. Such is the unconscious mind. It has access to so many creative abilities to overcome problems and it remains un-tap until you access it. And hypnotherapy helps you to access the unconscious mind, to help you to overcome the negative emotions or the pain that you carry around with you.

The unconscious mind innate creative ability, allows your to imagine the big bold dreams that you have. It gives you the solution / option to step forward in your life to achieve that goal you never imagine you have.

But to do all that, the unconscious mind needs your absolute focus, attention and most importantly that you are ready for a change in your life. This is where interactive hypnotherapy comes in. Interactive hypnotherapy is allowing the person to work through their own problems in their unconscious mind.

What can Hypnotherapy help with?

Hypnotherapy can help in anxiety, weight change, impotence, irritable bowel syndrome, phobias, OCD, pain, confidence, alcoholism, bed wetting, claustrophobia, digestion / diarrhoea, failure syndrome, indecisiveness, hysterical, memory, learning difficulties, neurosis, migraine, kleptomania, vaginismus, psoriasis, tremors, inhibitions, stage fright, self-consciousness, shyness, headaches and many more. 

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