I’m always reminded when I was 7 or 8 years old, my father said to me while driving my brother and I to school in the morning, “The Mind is like the Universe. It’s so big and vast and remained untapped.” At that age, I didn’t think much of it and yet it somehow made some sense for me. I did repeat that to my friends, and all I received was a rather strange stare.

Fast forward years later, that phrase still plays in my mind. Now I understand it better and clearer. Yes our mind is like the universe, what we call it as the unconscious mind or you might see it as the subconscious mind. Our mind is one of the most powerful muscle, it controls our reaction, how we behave, our emotions, what we have no control over.

When I started on this journey of Neuro Linguistic Programming, I realised we can all learn to access the unconscious mind, learn to be more aware of our surroundings, the emotions we feel, how to build a better relationship by using language, learn to shift my negative emotions into a positive emotion and much more. Yes indeed our mind is like the universe. It is the unknown and it awaits you to discover it.


The Journey Begins